Huntsville Pickleball Club – Rock Steady Boxing

Thanks to all who assisted, played and participated as spectators in the Pickleball Charity tournament. Also thanks to all who made donations to Rock Steady Boxing.

Happy New Year,
HPC Executive Committee

The following article was published in the SSIPA (Super Senior International Pickleball Association) newsletter.

Huntsville Pickleball Club – Rock Steady Boxing

Kudos to Our Members: Sherry Barnes, Patricia McInnis, Alice Tym & Bart Brannon. The Huntsville (AL) Pickleball Club, consisting of 300 members, sponsored a very successful one-day tournament to benefit the local Rock Steady Boxing program. The Rock Steady program is a nationally recognized, scientifically based boxing/exercise program that slows the progression of Parkinson’s disease. The program is based on three concepts: connection, consistency, and compassion. Our chapter has over 200 Parkinson’s participants that workout daily with certified Rock Steady boxing coaches. Huntsville Pickleball Club, with the help of SSIPA members, Alice Tym and Bart Brannon, raised $2,340.00 for our local chapter of Rock Steady Boxing. Not only did our tournament entrants play in a round robin age/skill competition, but they also had an opportunity to win points (for a 5.00 donation) against Alice and Bart. Participants also made donations by trying to “out dink” our Chattanooga elves-Dianne and Mike Pendergrass. Because of the eye/hand co-ordination benefits of pickleball, plans are in the works to add a “pickleball skills corner” to the daily exercise regimen at our local Rock Steady gym.

Tournament Directors – SSIPA members – Cheryl (Sherry) Barnes and Patricia McInnis

Pat DeSantis reviews the SELKIRK Sport Maxima AMPED X5 Fiberflex paddle

I want to thank Selkirk and PickleballCentral for allowing me to experience and keep this paddle at no cost. I have played using this paddle for about four hours and also shared the use of this paddle with two female and one male club members in a combined additional three hours of use. The following is an overall evaluation of this paddle:

This paddle is great for players who wish to have the extra length and prefer a lighter paddle. If you’re looking for a paddle to help with your control rather than power, this is the one. You can put your serves across court with the control to land the ball deep or short. You are able to control your third shot drop into the kitchen to get a volley going. While involved in the volley, you have the extra length of the paddle to reach those close ones that might otherwise slip through the middle. If you are a player who likes to put spin on your serves or drop shots, this paddle will work for you. What I liked the most about this paddle is the comfortable grip and a balanced feeling when swiping the ball.

Both women who tried the paddle liked the grip and the fact that they could reach lobs that seemed out of reach with their current paddles. Both felt challenged at first by the paddles slimmer shape but admitted it helped them to concentrate more on watching the ball make contact with the paddle allowing for better control of their hits and placements of the ball.

The other male player stated he could play fine with the elongated style paddle and liked the feel of this one. He and the two women thanked me for letting them try this type of paddle and would consider the switch once they are ready to purchase another paddle.

Chip Manning has been playing in Highlands, North Carolina.

Chip Manning, a member of the Huntsville Pickleball Club, has been playing in Highlands, North Carolina for a couple of weeks. He had the opportunity to play pickleball with Mima Jaušovec, the 1977 (tennis) French Open winner. In doubles, he and his PB partner were victorious twice and then her team won four times. Mima and Chip played as partners and they won. To quote Chip “So far my biggest claim to fame in PB!”.

Senior Center Fund Raiser.

The Senior Center Fundraiser will be held on Saturday,  August 5,  2017 at the Jackson Center at 6:00 PM.

Click the link below to view the flyer for further information.


If you do not want to attend the fundraiser but want to make a donation, please make the check payable to the Senior Center with auction on the memo line.

The address is:

Huntsville Madison County Senior Center
2200 Drake Avenue
Huntsville,  Alabama, 35805

The fundraiser and donations will be used to support senior center programs and make them affordable for all.

Thank You

What happens if I drop my paddle on the court?

This has been asked a few times recently. If I drop my paddle on the court, it is a point for the other team? Is it considered a fault? The answer is no. It is not considered a fault if you drop anything on your side of the court, including your paddle. If the item lands on the opponent’s court, it is a fault. If the item lands in the non-volley zone as a result of a volley, it is a fault. Here is the pertinent information from the International Federation of Pickleball rulebook, last revised June 15, 2016.

12.F. Player Equipment Problem. A rally shall not be
stopped or affected if a player loses or breaks a paddle
or loses a personal item.

12.G. Items on the Court. If anything a player is wearing or
carrying lands on the court, it becomes part of the court.
Therefore, if a ball in play hits the item on the court, the
ball remains in play. If the item lands on the opponent’s
court, it is a fault. If the item lands in the non-volley
zone as a result of a volley, it is a fault.