HPC Womens’ Pickleball Clinic on April 2nd

HPC is hosting Stephanie Lane, a pickleball teaching pro from Nashville on April 2nd.

Women’s only clinics on April 2, 2024 at the Launch Pad, 2650 Jordan Lane, Huntsville.

Clinics are available for 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 players.  Levels 3.5 and 4.0 are for very experienced players.  Many of these individuals are tournament players.

Each participant will receive 2 hours of instruction as well as another 30 minutes of Guided Play

The clinic schedules are on the posters below.  

Each participant must sign two waivers:  one for HPC and the other for the clinicians.

We will arrange for an all-mens’ clinic soon.

See the poster and waiver files below.

January 27th Meeting Notes

Please see below meeting notes from the Annual Membership meeting on January 27th, 2024. Also, included are the 2023 HPC Committee Notes.

Huntsville Pickleball Club (HPC)

General Membership Meeting

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Trinity United Methodist Church

Meeting called to order at 9:05AM.

Executive Committee (Ex Com) Members present:

Sandy Greene, Kay Corder, Sue Marshall, Kim Minkinow, Robert Hoffmann. 

For the record, just prior to this meeting, Scott Schutzenhofer resigned as Equipment/Facilities Manager, and the executive committee voted in Robert Hoffmann to take over this position.

Members Present:  50

Vote on Incoming Executive Committee Members

Sandy Greene opened the meeting by introducing the candidates for the open positions:

                Nancy Parker, Secretary for 2024 and 2025

                Leslie Macher, Vice President for 2024/President for 2025

                Kim Minkinow, President for 2024

A motion to approve these candidates for these positions was offered by Kate Lahti.  Motion seconded by Gail Tipps.  The motion to accept these candidates was approved unanimously. 

Kay Corder will remain in the position of Treasurer.  Sue Marshall will remain as the Club Development Chair, and Robert Hoffmann has assumed the role of Equipment/Facilities Manager. The position of Social Chair remains open. 

Comments from Kim Minkinow, President Elect

Kim thanked Ryan Noe for his service as president for 2023 and presented him with a card of appreciation, along with a gift card.  Kim also noted the year in review chart for the club, which is attached, and expressed appreciation to SportsMed for their sponsorship in 2023 and their continued financial support in 2024. 

Kim introduced Kate Lahti, who presented details for the Pickleball on the Moon event coming up in May.  All club members were encouraged to volunteer to help with this event, along with other club events planned for the year.

Open Play

When the business portion of this meeting was completed, all members were allowed to enter the gym at the church and play on 3 available courts until 12:15PM.  For this open play session, players of different skill levels gravitated to specific courts and paddle piles were formed at each court.  Players could move from court to court, as desired.  This format allowed club members to mingle and interact but still experience competitive play at individual levels.

Bags of snacks leftover from the Holiday tourney were provided, along with fresh donuts and bottled water (donated by SportsMed).  Leftover bottled water was taken to the club storage unit.

The event was completed by 12:30PM. 

Social Committee Report 2023

Submitted by Kim Minkinow, Chair
Committee Members: Deb Dell, Rita DeGraaf, Gail Tipps, Sandy Greene, Connie Carr

The following Events were supported by HPC Social Committee volunteers in 2023:

February – Annual Meeting (Members Only Event)
supported with snacks

May – Pickled Pink Fundraiser
Set up, stocked, manned the Hospitality Tent
Committee volunteered as needed to dry courts, set up tables, chairs, tents
Stocked with Bananas, water, Propel powders, crackers, fruit gummies
Managed the raffle items, taking payments and answering questions, as well as securing the items
Obtained donation of 250 bottles of water from SportsMed (POC Charley Davidson)
Attended planning meetings at Huntsville Hospital to support operations

September – Huntsville City Labor Day Tournament
Provided key volunteer support to the event
Taped Courts – ALL
Retaped throughout the tournament as needed (this was necessary unique to this surface)
Served as Court Monitors

October – Glow Play Social (Members Only Event)
Reserved and Set up 3 Courts for play
Set up 3 volunteers for Paddle rotation – with microphone/whistle, 2 tables Sue Marshall, Connie Carr
Set up reception area in the Lobby (Gail Tipps + volunteers, 2 tables); Kay Corder (Treasurer/Membership) to accept new memberships (2 tables)
Set up Large storage container for sock/hat donations going to First Stop @ the door as participants entered.
Set up 2 tables for snacks, water, Halloween goodies – (Rita DeGraaf)
Set up SportsMed Banners for publicity and recognition of sponsorship
Contracted with Steve Metz, Metropolitan DJ Svcs for lighting, additional speakers
Decorated the upper walkway with glow banners, blow up skeletons, other glow wall decorations; and covered all door windows utilizing diagrams/planogram developed by Sandy Greene.
Set up 3 HPC nets from storage; during breakdown one net was placed in a closet at the church (by an unknown person) and found 3 days later. All nets were returned to HPC storage.
Played 7 minute games; stopped at whistle; rotated to the left court and began again until rotating off the 3rd court. Set up volunteers to direct players off Court 3 out the correct door.
Bought Glow Paint, wristbands, glow tape, glow balls(discovered our outdoor balls were perfect under the glow lights). Sandy Greene
Taped floors with Glow tape – Connie Carr and team; reserved Friday morning to remove tape if requested by the church.
Forwarded pictures of the event to Judy Hayes for inclusion on the HPC Facebook.
Requested sponsorship of event from SportsMed to cover the cost of Lightning. POC Hayden Henderson
Attendance @90 members
Total Cost: $2480.59; SportsMed gifted $1350 for the lighting contract; Total HPC funds spent – $ 1130.50.

December – Holiday Tournament Social (Members Only Event)
Reserved UAH University Fitness Center supporting 9 Courts; 7 hours 8A-2P. POC: Reggie Scott
Taped courts for 2 hours Friday morning, with special permission from our contact Reggie Scott and no additional charge. 3 courts needed taping the other 6 were already in place as badminton courts.
Ordered and purchased tape for the floors – Sue Marshall
Picked up 7 nets from HPC storage; recommend bringing 8 in case a net set is incomplete. UAH had 3 nets in place. Sandy/Kim
Set up court nets – Gail Tipps
Provided snacks with some Holiday goodies – Rita DeGraaf
Provided water donated by SportsMed – Kim
Set up SportsMed Banners for publicity and recognition of sponsorship
Purchased Event Insurance for the day as required by UAH POC: Kim/ David Bell @Rocket City Insurance
Conducted tournament from 9:45-12 with open play until 1:30P.
Collected 560 LBS of food for North Alabama Food Bank; transported by Connie Carr
Set up signage to direct members to parking (very specific since on University property) and volunteers to direct participants – Deb Dell
Removed tape, packed nets(returned to HPC storage), stacked chairs and broke down tables. Requested 7 tables and 30 chairs.
Set up gift table, snack table, sponsorship table(SportsMed swag), operations tables per planogram provided by Sandy Greene
Utilized free software downloaded by Sandy Greene.
Utilized a point system for costumes, volunteer points, and playing points – Sandy Greene
Forwarded pictures of the event to Judy Hayes for inclusion on the HPC Facebook site
Attended by @130 members
Requested. Sponsorship of event from SportsMed to cover the cost of facility rental. POC Hayden Henderson
Total Cost: $ 2405; SportsMed sponsored the event with a contribution of $1575 for the rental cost of the facility; Total HPC funds spent – $830.17

New Location to play pickleball indoors in Huntsville.

Effective immediately, we have a new location to play pickleball indoors. Play is now available at Challenger Gym located at 13555 Chaney Thompson Rd SE, Huntsville, 35803. Please see the summer schedule below.

9 am – 2 pm open play

9 am – Noon – ladies only play
Noon – 5:30 pm – open play

9 am – Noon – men only play 
Noon pm – 5:30 pm – gym open for drills, first come-first serve – schedule on playtimescheduler

9 am – 2 pm – beginner play only
2 pm – 5:30 pm – open play

9 am – 5:30 pm – open play

Registration is open for the Pickleball on the Moon Festival

Click Here for details and to register for the event.

Huntsville Pickleball Club, in partnership with The Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund (Huntsville Hospital Foundation) and Huntsville Parks and Recreation, is hosting a fundraising festival – Pickleball on the Moon. The event will be held at the Sandra Moon Community Complex, 7901 Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, AL 35802.

All proceeds from the festival will go to the Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund, benefitting breast cancer patients in our community and in all of North Alabama. This fund assists patients with house payments, utility bills, car payments, car insurance, and other essential expenses during a time when their finances are certainly strained and their ability to work is challenged. Breast cancer is one of the most expensive cancers to treat, so we appreciate your consideration in participating in this festival to help raise these much needed funds to support patients in our area.

Huntsville Pickleball Club Social

Huntsville Pickleball Club Social

Saturday, April 17, 8:00-5:00

Sandra Moon Courts

Random Draw Round Robin play 8:30-12:00 

You’ll play with different partners and against different opponents each game.  You will not register with a partner for this event.  Scores will be kept for each individual player.  There will be a Sweet 16 playoff and prizes awarded at the end.  This is a great way to meet some new players and have a lot of fun!

Box lunch served 12:00-1:00

Club open play 12:30-5:00

Sign up for the morning round robin, afternoon club open play, or both!  

Lunch and a scoop of ice cream will be provided to all club members (and a plus one), but you must register ahead of time to receive them.  Boxed lunches will be catered by Jimmy Johns.  Our ice cream vendor, Golden Years, will be at the courts in the afternoon.  Ice cream may be purchased on site.  You may also pay to upgrade your complimentary ice cream scoop.  All ice cream purchases less than $4 must be paid in cash.

Club members and guests are also welcome to attend if they do not wish to play.  Come watch and socialize!  However, because of insurance requirements, ONLY CLUB MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE TWELVE SANDRA MOON COURTS DURING OUR EVENTS from 8:00-5:00.    Please bring your own lawn chairs.  Pop up tents for shade are welcome.

Please register for the Social at our club’s website:  https://www.pickleball-huntsville.com/register.php.  Sign up deadline is 8:00 pm, Tuesday, April 13.  You will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of your registration.

Click Here to view who is participating in the event.

A lot of new information for Huntsville Pickleball players.

Dear Pickleball Friends,

This is going to be a long, informative email so please keep reading to the end!  It probably won’t be the last email you receive from me this week, either.  Sorry!

Here is the information I received from Mr. Ivey, the director of Huntsville Parks and Recreation.

Max Luther – the gym is about 30 days out from completion.

Berachah – the earliest opening would be October for both the gym and outside courts.

Sandra Moon Outdoors – The restrooms were vandalized and work orders have been placed to have those fixed, but there is no completion date at this time.

Because of extenuating circumstances, windscreens are still 2-3 weeks away.

Trash cans were delivered today.  Please remember to pick up after yourselves.  Water and gatorade bottles have been left behind.  Even if club members didn’t leave the trash, let’s help pick up the courts and the surrounding area.

Sandra Moon Indoors – completion for pickleball is at least one to two years out.

Hampton Cove will not open until late October and pickleball will be scheduled once opened.

The Huntsville Sports Commission is looking into scheduling pickleball tournaments in the future.

I did add a follow up question asking if there is any projection when the recreation centers will be open evenings and weekends.  I’lll update when I know.  I have not heard back about a firm date for the Senior Center opening for pickleball.

Other important information:

If you are playing indoors, PLEASE sign in legibly and also PLEASE put a check mark after your name if your age is 60+.  Our site reps must report attendance numbers to the Senior Center and your cooperation will make their jobs a bit easier.  We do not report your name but need to report numbers of regular club members (why we need to be able to actually read your name) vs visitors and numbers for those over 60.

Registration for the Alabama State Games in Dothan can be found at https://www.asffoundation.org/alabama-state-games.  If the games were to be canceled a full and immediate refund for registration will be given. Pickleball events are scheduled for Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1.

Registration is also open for the USAPA USA Atlantic South Regional Tournament in Foley, AL.  Dates are August 21-23.  Some events are already full.  You must be a USAPA member to play in this tournament.  Information can be found at https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/tournamentinfo.pl?tid=3584.

Reminder that all members of the Huntsville Pickleball club can receive a 5% discount on all items ordered from Pickleball Central.  In addition, our club will get a dollar value equal to 5% of your purchase added to our club’s Reward Account that can be used to purchase equipment for our club. To get the discount enter the following information at checkout:  Club name: Huntsville Pickleball Club.  Club discount code: CRHuntsville

FINALLY, at our board meeting on June 22 we will be discussing if and how our club could financially contribute to making the pickleball experience in Huntsville even better.  Some ideas include purchasing court dividers, bleachers or sun shades for our outdoor venues.  If you have any other ideas for us to consider, please let me know.

If you have read this to the end, may the net be your friend!

Kate Lahti