Huntsville Pickleball Club Membership Directory Help Page

Welcome to the online version of the Huntsville Pickleball Club Membership Directory.  You must be a paid up member to be able to access this directory.

  • The online version is always up to date. Information on new users is available as soon as they join.
  • You may update your own contact information from the Edit Profile screen.
  • If you have access to a computer or smart-phone, you have access to the directory.

By default, your contact information (email address and phone numbers) and your home address is not shared with other members of the club. To share your contact information and/or home address with other members of the club, you must log in and edit your profile to give your permission. Even if you give permission, you can edit your profile later to rescind that permission. Only members of The Huntsville Pickleball Club can view the Members Only area of this web site.

Set Your Password - Each new member will need to set a password if they want to access the members only area of our website. The first time you visit our webpage, click on Get Lost Password at the Members Only section of the menu. On the Lost Password page, enter your email address. Click on the Get Password button. If your email is found in the database, a reset password link will be sent to you via email. If you share an email address with another member, you will be prompted to enter your first name. Your first name must match up exactly. If your first name is "H. James, Jr." then you must enter the exact name including periods and commas. If you are having problems getting your password, please contact your webmaster, Steve Schuckman at [javascript protected email address] or your site admins. After logging in, you may change your password and personal information.

For enhanced security, this site uses one-way password encryption. Your password cannot be decrypted. Your password cannot be sent to you via email.

To view the membership directory, click on View Membership Directory. A summary of all members will be displayed. Using the search box, you may search for a specific member. You may click on the Details button to the left of a member's name to display additional information, including home address and a photo if available. While viewing the Member Profile details screen, you may click on Prev or Next to view the details of the previous or next member.

You may print a copy of the directory by clicking on Print Directory in (PDF). This will create a PDF file which you can open and print using your favorite PDF viewer.

To change your contact information, click on Edit Profile. You may use the Member Information box to tell other members a little bit about yourself. You may also check to see if you are paid up for the year on this screen. If you want other members to view your email address and phone number, place a check next to OK to display Contact:. If you also want other members to view your home street address, place a check next to OK to display Home Address:.

To change your password, click on Change Password.

In a future version, you will be able to upload a photo to be included with your profile. Currently, just email a photo to [javascript protected email address] and it will be added to your profile.